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What size should I buy?

Trees Near Me uses the industry standard way of pot size reference. For example an 11 inch pot is a #5 pot (pronounced as a number 5 pot) which is also the same as the old term 5 gallon, though it never was able to hold 5 gallons of water.

Not every variety is available in every size, so the size pot you need may be dependent on what tree type you are seeking.

If the tree is available in all sizes, the larger the pot size, the older the tree, the bigger the root system.

Can I substitute trees in the pre-selected bundle?

Unfortunately, you cannot substitute any trees on the pre-selected bundles. You can, however, choose any tree with our Build a Custom Pallet option.

How big are the trees?

Because we are not putting the trees inside a box, the trees are the largest on the nursery. Minimum tree height is included with every product description.

What if I want more trees?

Add another pallet! You can order as many pallets of trees as you need.

I only need one tree. What do I do?

As we only ship trees in bulk at Trees Near Me, we cannot ship less than a pallet of trees. However, visit Plant Me to order smaller quantities of trees.

Can I cancel my order?

We completely get it, we change our minds too! Any order placed with Trees Near Me may be cancelled prior to shipping from our warehouse (typically 2 business days). Once the order is shipped, all sales are final; there are no refunds.

Does shipping cost extra?

No it does not. Shipping is included in the price of the pallet so there will be no surprise charges at checkout.

Do you have a catalogue?

We do not print paper catalogues. We eliminate thousands of pounds of paper waste a year by doing so, which furthers our commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


All trees from Trees Near Me are shipped on a pallet. We use FedEx Freight® Economy to ship your order. Delivery time is set by FedEx and takes between 3-6 days depending on your location from our warehouse. All delivery trucks have a lift gate and you do not need a forklift to get your pallet of trees off the truck.

How are the trees packaged?

All trees are placed on a pallet. We build your pallet based off the option you selected during the ordering process. We shrink wrap the trees to secure them to the pallet and schedule a FedEx freight truck to pick up your order.

Once FedEx picks up your pallet, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information. Shipping fees are included in the price of every pallet.

How do I get the pallet off the truck?

Liftgate service is included with your shipment. When liftgate service is performed, the truck driver will move your trees off of the liftgate platform. You will need to move the trees after it’s off the liftgate.

State shipping restrictions

If you have found that we cannot ship to your state, it is most likely for agricultural certification reasons. Certain states like California, Hawaii and Arizona have stricter laws in place and require agricultural stamps that we do not currently possess making it illegal to ship to these states.

Do you ship overseas or internationally?

We do not ship overseas or internationally due to the agricultural certifications needed to ship to countries other than the United States.

Can I pick a date for delivery?

Delivery dates are based off when the order is placed and subsequently picked up by FedEx. Current processing time is 2 business days. FedEx Freight estimates delivery between 3-6 business days. Delivery time cannot be guaranteed. If a package needs to arrive prior to a specific date, or at a more convenient time for you, please notate that in the Notes section during the checkout process. Please reach out to our customer service team via email or phone (Mon-Fri) if additional support is needed.

How big is the pallet?

Our pallets are 40 in. x 48 in. and weigh approximately 25 lbs.

What do I do with the pallet?

Pallets do not need to be returned. You can upcycle the wood by turning it into a DIY project or contact your Waste Management for disposal.

It's winter here, when will my order ship?

All orders ship within 2 business days unless you have notated a specific date in the Notes section during the checkout process.

Returns & Guarantee

Return Policy

Since plants are perishable, we do not accept returns under any condition. All sales are final.

Guarantee Policy


We understand that purchasing trees and shrubs online limits your ability to see the product before checkout (unlike shopping at a garden center). We guarantee that any plant leaving our nursery is of the finest quality and horticulturally viable.

If you are not satisfied within the first 10 days after receiving your order, please call or email us so that we can help correct the situation. We will thoroughly review your concerns with the appropriate nursery staff and may ask for pictures to be emailed. Replacement plant shipping cost is at the customer’s expense. Some trees and shrubs are subject to transplant shock and will just need time to completely recover. As with all living plants, each requires care and proper nutrients to acclimate to their new environments. Time and your patience are also essential needs for plants to successfully transition to their new surroundings.

We neither express nor imply any warranty as to the productiveness or life of the plant we sell and will not be in any way responsible for the results secured in transplanting.

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