Althea - Double White #5 Pot

Althea is a deciduous, ornamental shrub more commonly referred to as Rose of Sharon. The shrub produces beautiful double white blooms that look particularly stunning when planted in groups or for borders. Individual flowers stay open for one day and close at night. Since plants bloom on new growth, shaping or pruning can be done at any time. However, pruning is usually not required since the plant grows slowly and keeps a tight upright form. It exhibits a slow-to-moderate growth rate and reaches a height of about 8-10 feet and a spread of about 4-5 feet. Although tolerant of poor soils and drought in sun or light shade, this upright, deciduous shrub requires ample moisture to flower its best and to avoid leaf-drop. Some protection from mid-day or afternoon sun is beneficial for optimum plant appearance. Tolerance to aerosol salt and wet soils combined with drought-tolerance make this a fine plant for many landscapes.

USDA ZONES: Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9