Apple Trees - Suncrisp #5 Pot

Suncrisp® is a late-season, high quality, eating apple, with an excellent pedigree. It has a crisp flesh and finely-balanced and interesting sweet-sharp flavors. There is sometimes a slight aniseed note, which is often the hallmark of more sophisticated apples. The fruit color is golden with an orange blush. This dual-purpose apple matures approximately one-three weeks after Golden Delicious, has a sweet, spicy flavor and typically stores up to six months. The tree has medium vigor with an upright growth habit. Thinning of Suncrisp® decreases the tendency toward biennial bearing. Site selection is critical as this variety is prone to russet. Good resistance to apple scab, susceptible to fireblight.

USDA Zones: Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8
More Information: Apple Growing Guide