Blueberry - DeSoto (Rabbit Eye) #5 Pot

DeSoto blueberry is a newer rabbiteye variety, originally selected in 1976, but just released in 2004 by the USDA. DeSoto is a short-statured rabbiteye blueberry growing to around 5′ tall and 4′ wide.  The berries are sweet, aromatic, and large. In southern MS, AL, and GA they start to ripen at the end of June through early August, providing a longer window of fresh berry picking than standard commercial cultivars. Ripening time in Kentucky will be between early August and September.  Yields have been measured at 10-12 pounds per bush.  DeSoto is also very late to bloom, so it works well in areas that have potential late frost issues; though low, wet spots should be avoided  as DeSoto has shown a lack of vigor in those areas.  Compact and late, DeSoto is an excellent addition to the backyard growers blueberry patch, extending the season much later with high quality, sweet blueberries.

USDA ZONES: Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9
More Information: Blueberry Growing Guide