Crape Myrtle - Tuscarora #7 Pot

The Tuscarora is a tall crape myrtle with a broad crown and superior dark pink flowers. A long period of striking flower color, attractive fall foliage, fabulous, exfoliating bark and good drought-tolerance all combine to make this crape myrtle a favorite small tree for either formal or informal landscapes. It reaches a height of about 20 feet and experiences about 70 days of flowering. In the fall, the leaves turn a red-orange. All these qualities make the Tuscarora a great specimen tree, though it can also be planted in lines or groups. The Tuscarora is hardy but can be susceptible to late frost damage. It possesses a high mildew resistance and is hardy in Zones 7-9.

USDA ZONES: Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9
MORE INFORMATION: Crape Myrtle Growing Guide