Magnolia - D. D. Blanchard (Southern) #7 Pot

Biggest leaves, tallest tree, but not as prolific of a bloomer.
Out of all the magnolias, the D.D. Blanchard is one of the largest varieties, producing dark green, large leaves with a rusty brown underside. It can reach a maturity height of 75-80 feet with a canopy of 35-40 feet in width, making an excellent shade tree. It is capable of maintain a straight, central trunk, which allows it to be grown full to the ground or be pruned into tree form with a visible trunk. Flowers bloom in late spring, with sparse but continued flowering throughout the summer. The fragrant blossoms are large (can be 8” in width) and are cup-shaped in appearance.

USDA Zones: Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9.

Note: At best, Magnolia grandiflora is considered to be winter hardy to USDA Zone 6b. If grown in Zone 6b, it should be sited in a protected location. Plants may become somewhat deciduous in hard winters.