Peach Trees - Autumn Prince #5 Pot

Finish out the season with the delicious, Autumn Prince! It is a juicy, freestone peach having 60-90% crimson red over a yellowish red ground color. The flesh is firm to very firm, melting, with very good slightly acidic flavor. Autumn Prince was released by University of Georgia, to provide an attractive, very late ripening peach adapted to the Southeast. The tree is very vigorous, productive, with low susceptibility to bacterial spot. Ripening 45 days after Elberta, it is a late season variety. Flowers have large, showy pink petals and are self-fertile. The variety requires an estimated 750-800 hours of chilling and is cold hardy in USDA Zones 5-8

USDA ZONES: Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8
More Information: Peach Growing Guide