Peach Trees - Redskin #5 Pot

The Redskin peach is the most adaptable of all fruit trees for home gardens. Redskin is good for the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, central and lower Midwest. A large freestone with good red color and yellow flesh. Midseason bearing, with showy flowers. A seedling from Elberta it is a great choice for areas with unexpected late frosts because it flowers longer than other peaches and will still produce fruits. Good fresh, for canning or freezing. This popular peach yields lots of fruit with yellow flesh that is melting, but firm, and has a wonderful flavor. This selection produces freestone fruits, which means the pit falls out easily when it's cut open. There is no need to plant an additional peach variety for pollination because this tree is self-fruitful. Fruit is terrific picked straight from the tree and eaten fresh, sliced into fruit salad, or baked in pies, tarts or crisps. Great for large scale plantings. Redskin Peach tree ripens 2 days prior to the Elberta peach tree and needs 750 chill hours. 

USDA ZONES: Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8
More Information: Peach Growing Guide