Pecan Trees - Mandan (Type 1) #5 Pot

Mandan has high nut quality, high yield potential, early nut maturity, and excellent scab disease resistance. The nut is oblong elliptic with an obtuse apex, and rounded base and is flattened in cross section. It produces between 42-52 nuts per pound with 63 -64% kernel and reaches a mature height of 75 to 100 feet. Kernels are cream to golden in color with medium non-trapping dorsal grooves and rounded dorsal ridge. Tree form is tall, but narrow in width, with abundant branches and strong branch angles. Nut maturity is about one week before Pawnee. The Mandan is a Type 1 pollinator.

USDA ZONES: Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9
MORE INFORMATION: Pecan Tree Growing Guide