Persimmon Trees - Fuyu Jiro (Non-Astringent) #5 Pot

Long appreciated for its crunchy, sweet fruit that eats almost like an apple right off the tree, Fuyu Jiro is also wonderful for cooking and dehydrating. There is most likely no better snack in the middle of the winter than a dried Fuyu Jiro Persimmon. Typically seedless (unless another Persimmon variety is close by) almost the entire fruit is edible right through to the core. This makes it easy to work with in food preparations or for slicing for drying. The 4 to 5 inch fruit is flat and almost square, with four soft corners. Fuyu Jiro is one of the hardier of the Japanese varieties of non-astringent persimmons and can take temperatures to Zone 7. Jiro is a prolific producer of large sized, flat square-tomato shaped fruit that are a beautiful orange red color. The trees have a more upright form compared to other non astringent varieties of persimmon trees. Fruit ripens in ahead of Fuyu and is considered a mid season variety, October to early November. Although the Fuyu Jiro Persimmon is pest resistant and easy care, it does have some special requirements. First, when siting your tree, it's best to give it well-drained soil and a full sun position. This is a tree you won't have to fuss over, as it's hardy and tolerant of a wide range of climate conditions. Give it regular water the first year in your landscape. Once the roots are established in your soil, the Fuyu is quite drought tolerant. Persimmon trees are lovely ornamentals with outstanding fall fruit.

USDA ZONES: Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9
More Information: Persimmon Growing Guide