Persimmon Trees - Rosseyanka (Astringent) #5 Pot

Rosseyanka is a truly amazing blend between Asian and American Persimmons. Combining traits of both fruits, now the taste of Kaki persimmons can be enjoyed in the North. More of the American parent is evident in leaf and tree form. Fruit tastes like a blend of soft Asian persimmon and ripe native persimmon. Fruits are seedless! The candy like orange fruit has a rich flavor enjoyed into the winter. Good orange leaf color in the fall. Fruit size is larger than native persimmon, approximately 2-3 inches. Must be soft to eat. Fruits will "wrinkle" when ripe. Height 15'-20'. We graft the Rosseyanka onto native American persimmon root stock.

USDA ZONES: Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, & Zone 8.
More Information: Persimmon Growing Guide