Plum Trees - AU Rubrum #5 Pot

The AU Rubrum plum tree produces fruit that is ideal for canning, preserving and fresh eating. This plum produces very large abundant crops of delicious, sweet, and juicy plums. These plums have a sweet red flesh and very dark red skin and is generally clingstone. Trees of AU Rubrum are spreading with dark green leaves. In test orchards in Alabama, the trees were vigorous, disease resistant, and long lived. The plant is self fertile, but will produce much better when pollinated with another AU or the Methley plum; flowers profusely, and sets a heavy crop. The cultivar has proved its ability to produce high yields of excellent quality fruit where certain fruit and tree disease problems occur. It is an early maturing cultivar that produces fruit of excellent size and quality. Ripens mid-late June.  Developed at Auburn University.

USDA Zones: Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8