Pomegranate Trees - Sirenevyi #5 Pot

Sirenevyi is among the hardiest of pomegranate cultivars with trumpet-shaped, orange-red flowers and sweet, spicy fruit. Another gem from Dr. Gregory Levin’s research station in Turkmenistan, Sirenevyi produces beautiful speckled fruit that ranges from pink to red to tan with dark red almost purple arils. It has very soft seeds and a sweet, almost spicy flavored juice. Like many of Dr. Levin’s Russian varieties Sirenevyi is shockingly cold hardy, performing well in zone 7 with some rumored success in protected areas in zone 6. Fruit ripens mid/late season, but it’s well worth taking your chances on in a cooler climate.

USDA ZONES: Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9, Zone 10